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Club Conference

2018-10-09 21:59
SCF invites all their member clubs to join Regional Club Conference.
  • Uppdaterad: 2018-10-09 21:59

SCF would like to invite their member clubs to regional club conference.

Purpose of this conference is to identify the challenges our member clubs are facing during the league and how we together can find solutions for them. While, we believe it's a good way to understand the club's perspective. It will also reduce the communication gap between the SCF board and its member clubs, which obviously is an important part of SCF's continuous improvement's plan.

Region Date & Time Address
Skåne 2018-10-21 kl 11-15 Curry On Wheels
Lärkträdsgatan 4, 213 63 Malmö
Göteborg 2018-11-10 TBA
Älmhult 2018-11-11 TBA
North/Mid 2018-11-18 TBA
Stockholm 2018-11-25 TBA


We request max two persons per club to participate in these conferences (most likely the president of the club and a member). Lunch will be served to the present.

Please send names of your club representatives for the conference and allergies (if any) to This is a mailto link

PS: It is highly advised to attend conference in your own region to discuss regional challenges. But if for some reason you cannot attend conference in your region you may join other session in the neighbourhood.

Skribent: Usman Mughal
Epost: This is a mailto link

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