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Decision of incident between Watan Zalmi CC and Halmstad CC

2018-09-01 01:10
Disciplinary Committee Decision of incident between Watan Zalmi Cricket Club and Halmstad Cricket Club
  • Uppdaterad: 2018-09-07 15:13

SCF Disciplinary committee announced their decision about the incident between Watan Zalmi Cricket Club and Halmstad Cricket Club. Incident took place in Goteborg on 1st July 2018 when DIV-3 match ended up in physical fight and couple of players were injured.

Disciplinary committee immediately suspended all 22 players from playing cricket till independent investigation is completed. Watan Zalmi CC appealed against DC suspension in RF and RF uplifted the suspension.

DC now concluded their investigation, five players found guilty and banned from all type of cricket in Sweden. Both clubs were also fined 2500 SEK.



Banned till

Saljooque Zubair

Halmstad CC


Bilal Khannan

Halmstad CC


Sahibzada Abdul Haq Khan

Watan Zalmi CC


Sahebzada Fazal Khan

Watan Zalmi CC


Raisi Eywazollah

Watan Zalmi CC



Read more about the decision in minutes of disciplinary committee meeting.

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