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Terms and conditions of annual meeting 2019

Each association has voting rights if they fulfill the requirements below before and during the Swedish Cricket Federation´s annual meeting.

Entitled to vote
Associations that has been granted membership at least seven months before the annual meeting and paid their membership fees for 2019 are entitled to vote.
They also must have participated in the national league sometime during the last two years. Read more in the Swedish Cricket Federation´s by-laws, Chapter 3 Paragraph 4.
The association with the right to vote can send one voting delegate to the annual meeting.

Power of attorney
A power of attorney gives a person, also known as a delegate, the right to carry out acts on behalf of the association such as voting at the annual meeting. Please scan the enrolled power of attorney and submit to the Swedish Cricket Federation's email address: This is a mailto link by 1 March 2019 and in order to be eligible for voting at the annual meeting the association must bring the original and signed power of attorney to the annual meeting.

A delegate is a person who represent an association during the annual meeting and has the right to vote in the name of the entire association. It is therefore very important that the delegate sent by the association has read all the annual meeting documents before the annual meeting and has good knowledge in Swedish.

If the elected delegate cannot attend?
Contact the Swedish Cricket Federation on email address: This is a mailto link and confirm that the association has chosen another delegate. The association is asked to inform the name of the new delegate and association concerned and to bring the updated and signed power of attorney to the annual meeting, otherwise the delegate will not be entitled to vote.

The annual meeting will be held in Swedish and we want to clarify that the person who represent an association that is entitled to vote must have good knowledge in Swedish. However, you can ask questions in English during the meeting.

Democracy and Respect
Democracy means that all members' voices have equal value. Participation means that everyone involved can participate and decide. Democracy and participation should be exercised equal, regardless of background and gender identity.

As a participant at the Swedish Cricket Federation's annual meeting, we ask you to be respectful to each other, follow the annual meeting time frame, listen to each other's opinions and the decisions taken. If this is not followed, we will ask the participant to leave the annual meeting room.

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