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Foto: Ulrika Lingslunde (Cricket)

Nordisk Cricket tar mer plats, nu även i inomhushallar

23 MAR 2018 16:34
  • Uppdaterad: 07 SEP 2018 15:13

Inomhuscricket växer i de nordiska länderna, läs här artikeln som Danska Cricketförbundet skrivit om deras och våran utveckling och framgång i cricket - nu även inomhus. Detta gör oss i Svensk Cricket extra stolta då Danska Cricket funnits sedan 1953 och är som en storebror för oss som vi ser upp till. Läs artikeln här>>

Läs artikeln på engelska här:
Indoor Cricket reaches scores faster than outdoors. That's why many youth teams look forward to Saturday 24th, where they fight to be Denmark's best in 2018. But is indoor really fun cricket?

In our neighboring Sweden, they play other rules and play with Tape-ball, and their championship matches are also played this week. We compare here briefly what makes the indoor format a good cricket in the Nordic region.

Of course, both countries have developed indoor cricket to be played in handball halls in the cold time. But while in Denmark we have maintained a 12 overs format for several decades, Sweden has renewed their indoor rules to 5 overs per team. Yes, that's right - only 5 times 6 balls.
How do the shorter matches affect good cricket?

Our Swedish development partners have had the need to help the clubs play in a few days and save on the distances at the big distances in the sport. And in 2017/2018 winter project manager Azam Khalil has changed the format to settle the tournament two months before the Swedish championship in 4 regional groups.

As Khalil explains over the phone: "We have changed the game and qualifications this winter, because we have many sports halls that only allow to use the tape ball. And last year, Khalil has been in Denmark to take his ECB Level 2 coach training and therefore can see the benefits of making the matches shorter - also for the Swedish championship 21 mars.

The Swedish championship in Skelleftå this week will have the opportunity to share TV time with more than 10 sports on national TV, as the short matches can be recorded and displayed from start to finish. In addition, the clubs and development staff join forces to let the audience try out the matches. Khalil elaborates: "The SM week allows us to show a short and fast game, and let others try - not just look on."
DM for youth Saturday 24th

On Saturday more 10 clubs will be gathered at Inde-DM, where the landsman Jeremy Bray is looking forward to seeing how the young people from 11 years to 18 are throwing themselves around to stop the balls before they hit the walls of bonus points. Trainer Bray is currently working hard with the 14 picked players preparing for the World Cricket League Div 4 at the end of April.

Jeremy Bray will look at the young athletes playing indoors like playing outdoors. He does not consider that the Danish indoor format requires another game style. So he knows that the best youth players should try to score from each ball. This makes even short fights for good modern cricket - concludes Bray, and he will also stand for the distribution of medals to all 3 age groups on Saturday.

The fighting indoors allows for maximum points in the shortest possible time. And competitions are made to the audience and mediators who can not spend the whole day looking or recording.

Skribent: Ulrika Lingslunde
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