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An address of the matter of internal documents being circulated out of context.

03 JUN 2021 16:46
Earlier this year, the high performance working group was created by Sportchef Benn Harradine with the purpose of leading Cricket Sweden’s national high performance strategy towards 2025
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Background regarding working process for Cricket Sweden’s High Performance working team.


Earlier this year, the high performance working group was created by Sportchef Benn Harradine with the purpose of leading Cricket Sweden’s national high performance strategy towards 2025. The working group consists of Benn Harradine, national head coach Jonty Rhodes, national women’s coach David Williman and national junior coach Rajan Sharma. Each week the HP team communicate, discuss, and take key decisions regarding high performance matters related to cricket in Sweden. These tasks include, but are not limited to the women’s national activities, junior national activities, senior national activities, recruiting activities, and relations aligning with ICC and our Nordic and European partners.

In a unique scenario, the HP Team, led by Sportchef Benn and head coach Jonty were posed with the task of finalizing a competitive team that could fomarlise, train, and prepare for the now cancelled ICC tournament in June/July 2021. The intended pathway to national senior men’s squad was set to be, in accordance with the selection process, the Senior Premier League, however we were not permitted to play any cricket at the time to execute the aforementioned pathway.

Our greatest challenge was aligning our national team scorecard pillars together with a transparent and open trial in an incredibly short space of time whilst no competitive cricket was being played and training possibilities were limited.

As the uncertainty of the ICC Men’s T20 European qualifier was being managed by ICC headquarters, the HP Team prepared several strategic contingency plans for scenarios that may arise should the tournament go ahead or be cancelled and also navigate both government restrictions domestically and international in ICC host country Finland.

One of the many plans that we, the HP Team had decided upon, was that coach Jonty would outline the characteristics of the team he wanted to develop and work together with for the ICC tournament. These functions and roles were then clearly defined by the HP Team.

Sportchef Benn, together with Head Coach Jonty interviewed and appointed four Regional Squad Managers to assist the HP Team with the profiling of players eligible for senior men’s high-performance cricket in 2021. These regional squad managers had no selection mandate, their task was to profile candidates and assist with selection trials.

The HP Team then created an internal working document that first outlined a list of functions/player roles for the national squad along with a list of researched players that coach Jonty wanted to profile based on his own research. The working document was to be provided to the regional squad managers to inspire their work of profiling further players in similar functions/player roles for trial. The premise being that the list was not a finalized squad of players but a starting point for the trial process to be conducted with the HP Team and the RSM to arrive at a national squad that could train together with national coach Jonty prior to the ICC tournament.

This internal working document was then shared with the 4 RSM who were posed with the task of short-listing further candidates based on for example, eligibility, previous experience, statistics from league matches etc. This short list was compiled and submitted to the HP Team which was then to be considered. If approved by Jonty, potentials would be invited in their function groups to trial. Trials were to be run by the HP Team and the regional squad managers (of course navigating the then restrictions)

The finite selection of a larger squad would be determined by the national team scorecard, Fitness, Cricket Skills, Team values and culture, and Commitment. National coach Jonty Rhodes had utmost responsibility for the team selection, and Sportchef Benn Harradine was to ensure that the process followed the plan in the intended manner. No players were “pre-selected” every individual had to meet the standards outlined in the national team scorecard.

When Sportchef Benn became aware of the eventual cancellation of the ICC tournament the strategic plan for the tournament was then forfeited along with all player profiling material and the HP team reconvened to address the implementation of the original plan moving forward.


What has happened:

It has since come to our attention that the internal and confidential working document that was shared only between the High Performance Team and the Senior Regional Squad Managers has been circulated out of context amongst clubs and is also being posted on social media.

This working document became redundant and no further action towards a national senior squad for the Men’s T20 ICC European Qualifiers has been implemented since the ICC confidentially informed high performance leads that the tournament was cancelled. Official announcement of cancellation was made May 7, 2021


What we are doing:

When the HP Team was formed, we clearly communicated that one of key roles was to work towards ensuring all aspiring high performing cricketers had a clear understanding of the cricket we want to see at a high level and an open and transparent pathway of how to get there.

After the cancellation of the ICC World Cup Qualifier, the HP Team concluded upon a the implementation of a player profiling system to identify potential senior male squad candidates to train under our high performance pathway towards 2025. An update of the current pandemic restrictions has enabled us to put into action our original strategy of the national pathway.

The profiling system is series of “superskills” and these have been identified as a first step in the process to high performance cricket in Sweden. This profiling system will allow all eligible players an opportunity to present their skills to our high performance team. The first step in the national high performance pathway, followed by regional squads and eventually senior premier league and then national squad selection.

The superskills sessions will engage fitness, batting, bowling and fielding. Individuals will be put through a series of tests whereby each test will be scored for an overall evaluation and player profile.

Registrations will open shortly via a link shared on the homepage.

Where can we expect the superskills trials:

First rounds of the superskills trials will take place in the following areas: (venues to be confirmed)

  • Göteborg
  • Stockholm
  • Mälmo/Helsingborg




Reflections of the incident

In regard to the matter of a confidential internal working document shared only between the HP Team and Senior Regional Squad Managers being distributed outside those of which it was intended for, we, both myself, Sportchef Benn Harradine and Head Coach Jonty Rhodes find the situation to be unfortunate and disenchanting. We in the HP Team Benn, Jonty, David and Rajan, operate in an environment of trust and honesty as we believe that this reflects the values not only of ourselves as a team, but of also the majority of the cricketing fraternity in which we continually intend to develop. Work we cannot complete alone or over a short period of time, but work we must do together with professionalism and integrity to ensure sustainable cricket flourishes domestically in Sweden.

We intend to revise the methods in which we entrust facilitators of our high performance pathway ensuring that we uphold the integrity and professionalism that the sport of cricket deserves both globally and in Sweden. Any methods that fall outside of these values will not be accepted in any manner.

As a reminder, the representatives of the High Performance working group wish to share one of the original slides from our initial High Performance presentations made to all clubs earlier this year outlining the areas of responsibility and mandate for high performance cricket in Sweden.




In summary:

  • Selection to National Teams is the responsibility of the Head Coach Jonty Rhodes and Sportchef Benn Harradine.
  • The National Team Scorecard is the basis for which we in Cricket Sweden define the characteristics of national team prospects
  • The first step on the high performance pathway is the superskills trial, followed by regional squads and premier league for senior men.
  • Factual information regarding any high performance matters will come directly from the HP working group via official Cricket Sweden channels.
  • Any lists surrounding men’s national team, internal or otherwise, distributed out of context became redundant at the time of ICC Tournament cancellation and the pathway to national squads defaulted back to as originally stated: regional superskills trials for eligible candidates followed by regional squads and an SPL tournament (covid permitting)



Cricket Sweden High Performance Working Group

Sportchef Benn Harradine

National Coach Jonty Rhodes

National Womens Coach David Williman

National Junior Coach Rajan Sharma


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