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High Performance Cricket Update 14 June, 2021

14 JUN 2021 15:59
News for U17, U19, Senior Women and Senior Men
  • Skapad: 14 JUN 2021 15:59

U17 cricket discovery sessions:

Junior coach Rajan Sharma is currently travelling through the regions starting with Göteborg, hosting some youth discovery sessions. Together with the HP team and the junior regional squad managers, Rajan aims to cover the vast majority of Swedish youth (u17) and discover areas for development moving forward.
A common gathering will be planned for later in quarter 3.


U19 national team quad series postponement:

Due to the inconsistent nature of travel restrictions and COVID 19 management policies across the four competing nations of Denmark, Holland, Germany and Sweden, the originally planned quad series tournament for junior U19 men has also been postponed from the originally planned July 12 – 16. A new date has not yet been set by host Denmark and we await further information.

An U19 junior national squad will still be named at the completion of the JPL in July.


Women’s T20i and national team week postponement:

The originally aligned women’s T20i against Norway and national team week planned for week 27 has been postponed. After expressed concerns for quarantine regulations after returning from Sweden a common decision was made to postpone the planned activity to week 34 to allow for an easier travel situation across borders.


Senior men’s superskills sessions:

The first rounds of senior men’s superskills sessions are underway this week in Göteborg, followed by Stockholm, week 25 and Malmö week 26. As a note, for those applying for the sessions, one of the eligibility requirements (minimum of 3 years residing in Sweden) is calculated 3 years from the day recorded on your folkbokföring personbevis. Best of luck to those in Göteborg this week!

Skribent: HP Team
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