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CricClubs och SCF

CricClubs is SCF's official league management and scoring system. CricClubs is integrated with IdrottOnline for fetching clubs and players information.

After enforcement of GDPR in 2018, it is possible for a member club to restrict SCF from getting club’s members information. This means that as a member of SCF every club have certain obligations to share its player’s information with SCF and CricClubs. League management system cannot work if this information is not accessible to SCF/CricClubs via IdrottOnline.  

Club’s responsibilities:

  1. Create lag/group for each team
  2. Authorize SCF to access club's information (contact info, players info)

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: I have added players to my team but cannot see those players on league portal.


Question 2: I have removed a player from my team but its still there on league portal.


Question 3: Can I change our club logo myself?


Question 4: How can I select Captain and Vice-Captain of our team?

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