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Herr T20 Liga och Covid-19

17 MAJ 2020 06:49
40% of the clubs have indicated that they will not participate in the coming Mens T20 league due to the current COVID19 situation in Sweden. Given this it is not feasible to continue with the Mens T20 League as planned.
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I would like to thank all of you for responding to the survey on such a short notice.

Unfortunately, 40% of the clubs have decided not to participate in the coming T20 league due to the current COVID19 situation in Sweden. This outcome was expected, and we completely respect the decision clubs have made. We are all in this together!

SCF still stands with its decision not to force any club to participate in the league and to respect each and every club’s opinion and decision. Our goal is to work together with all the clubs in such an uncertain times and situation where anything can change at any time. Hence, planning and executing a league structure suggested in the previous email (now with 40% dropout) and mandatory participation (in terms of relegation and promotions) won’t make any sense.



SCF and league committee has decided to ELIMINATE relegation and promotions in all T20 divisions but ONLY for this season, 2020. Meaning, all the clubs and teams keep their positions as it is and will resume in 2021 based on 2019 rankings.

Our goal is not to force cricket upon cricket clubs but also not to limit it during COVID19 situation. We want to make the sport we love flexible and suitable for everyone. Hence, we have also decided to release original fixtures for ALL the teams, to give the opportunity and the flexibility to clubs to play matches. Clubs will have the possibility to cancel/give walkover if the distance is more than 2hrs or 200KM. This will ensure that every club has the possibility to play cricket on their own condition.


  • Low number of participants (Based on the Survey)
  • Both FHM and RF recommendation is not to travel (non-essential) more than 2 hours. It also puts restrictions on our plans regarding T20 league.
  • To give flexibility to the cubs to play cricket on their conditions and in their own regions.
  • To not limit the cricket but make it available for those who wants to play



  • Clubs not participating in the league at all, should inform SCF immediately, no later than 25th of May 2020, so we can remove the fixtures from the SCF APP.
  • It is club’s responsibility to inform SCF (5 Days prior to the match date) if they don’t want to play a match. Below terms applies:
    • Walkover (with no financial penalty) is only applicable if the distance is more than 200KM or 2Hrs.
    • If SCF is not informed on time (5 days prior to the match date), there will be a walkover penalty of 500KR.
    • If a walkover is given within 200KM or 2Hrs, there will be a walkover penalty of 500KR.
  • SCF will provide umpires.
  • There will be regional winners in each division (Allsvenskan, Superettan and Division1).
  • The winners of each group (Table winner) will be receiving medals and trophies.
  • Clubs will have all the fixtures available in SCF App.



  • Clubs will not be refunded the T20 league fee as the league is available to participate but it is club’s choice to participate or not
  • SCF will cover the cost of umpires and balls for all the matches.


League Start

The league will be started by 30th of May 2020


Survey Results

Please find the survey results below for your review.


Total number of clubs (eligible to play in 2020): 60

Total number of clubs (eligible to play in 2020) responded: 43

Total number of clubs (not eligible to play in 2020) responded: 1

Total number of clubs (eligible to play in 2020) willing to participate in T20: 36

Total number of clubs responded but did not want to participate in T20: 7

Total number of clubs that did not respond to the Survey (No response means not willing to participate in T20): 17

Total number of clubs not willing to participate in T20: 24 (40%)



Skribent: Zalmay Daftani
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