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SCF T20 League

05 JUN 2020 14:10
SCF would like to inform all the member clubs that RF and FHM did allow all seniors matches, tournaments and cups for all ages and all sports.
  • Uppdaterad: 05 JUN 2020 14:10

SCF has always followed RF and FHM guidelines and recommendations since the COVID19 Pandemic outbreak started. We are more than happy to start with competitive bur first and foremost safe cricket for everyone in Sweden.

After many discussions within League committee a well-formed proposal was prepared and shared with the SCF board for approval.

The proposal was based on clubs and players safety and to promote competitive cricket in Sweden at the same time.

The proposal was as followed;

  • League committee focused on two major areas:
    • Safety
      • To avoid nonessential travel
      • Follow RF’s recommendations for “Amatöridrott”
      • Define safety guidelines – Umpires must follow during the match
    • Competitive Cricket
      • Regular T20 League
        • Relegation & Promotion
        • Same structure as presented originally back in December
        • Same number of matches to provide equal opportunity to all the teams
      • To avoid long distance traveling (overnight stays), league committee proposes;
        • Allsvenskan, region based, South and North, Round robin
        • Superettan, region based, North and South
        • Division 1, Regions based groups

Some adjusted rules were also part of the proposal;

  • To allow 2 players from upper divisions to the lower divisions with some restrictions
    • Any player (Applies the same to both players) from upper division playing in lower division should bowl after 50% of overs and should bat after number 6
    • U18 and female players can play in all divisions without any restrictions

SCF Board

The proposal was discussed in a ONE-POINT Agenda board meeting and the outcome is as followed;

  • Board approved the league committee proposal
  • SCF T20 League will start from 20th of June 2020 so the clubs could have good enough time to prepare
  • It is club’s responsibility to book the grounds
  • League committee will assign umpiring duties to the clubs
    • Clubs will have to send umpires for the matches assigned to them
    • By failing this, will lead to financial penalties of (1000Kr/Match)




SCF Men’s T20 league will start on 20th June, 2020 with relegation and promotions. It is club’s responsibility to book the grounds, send umpires to the matches and show up with complete teams. Clubs should also follow SCF’s safety measures and guidelines during the matches.

Best regard

SCF Board


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